About Me

My name is Tami, and writing these kind of pages is difficult.  I’m going to try to sum up everything I am in a short amount of space without overwhelming or annoying people.  So here goes.

I’m 27 years old and from St. Paul, Minnesota where I lived for 24 years before moving out to San Diego.  I moved to the SF Bay Area in June 2011 for my career, and I'm still exploring it.  I have a Miniature Pinscher named Bella who has been through a lot of moving with me, and I’ve had her for 8 years now.  I also have a Boxer named Echo who has stolen my heart.
For my career, I work at a Facebook game company in the SoMa area.  I am a Product Manager, so I make great games and products for my company.
In my spare time  I am generally spending time on the web or playing some kind of online game.  I am a huge food lover and enjoy going out to eat at expensive restaurants and drinking wine.  I love being outdoors, going for walks and going to local events.  I like the Farmer’s Market, trying new things, and going to concerts.  I’m an indie pop and rock fan, and tend to listen to NPR as much as possible.  I am a self-professed nerd, though admittedly I haven’t seen Star Wars.  I sing decently and dance poorly, but still enjoy doing both.  I like interior design and real estate, and would love to do more of those things.  
I found feminism around the same time that California Proposition 8 was up for a vote.  I realized that if I support equality for all, I really need to support equality for all.  The injustice that was Prop 8 opened my eyes to more unjustices.  I am now proud to call myself a fledgling feminist, because I’m still learning every day.  
My Love
My boyfriend Luke is my other half.  Since we started dating three years ago, we’ve been best friends.  We share ideals together, hang out and do fun things together, live together in a rad Craftsman house built in 1908, and share just about everything.  He makes video games at Sony for a living, and has a dream job.  Every day is a new journey in our relationship, and he makes me so happy every time I see him.